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What is the Problem

We’ve built an eco-system
to address the prosperity paradox in Africa.

In developing economies, vendors do not necessarily have access to bank accounts and therefore are unable to fully participate in global eCommerce.

We introduce a new economic philosophy to ensure sustainability and to advance equitable opportunities for participants during economic growth with benefits incurred by and distributed to  every section of society.

Power of Blockchain

Tokenization Benefits

Historically, currency tokens issued by a company crossed the boundary of merely being “trade” tokens when they were sanctioned by the local government authority.

The introduction of a digital utility token and Erc20 exchange will stimulate trade between participants as it has no residual effects or distortions i.e. inflation and the transaction is totally completed at the point and time of exchange.

Global Community

The BRICS Community

In 2015, the five BRICS countries represent over 3.6 billion people, about 41% of the world population;

The five nations have a combined nominal GDP of US$16.6 trillion, equivalent to approximately 22% of the gross world product, combined GDP (PPP) of around US$37 trillion;

Overall the BRICS are forecasted to expand 4.6% in 2016, from an estimated growth of 3.9% in 2015. The World Bank expects BRICS growth to pick up to 5.3% in 2017 and account for 1.5 billion are internet users

Ultra secure transactions

Versatile Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are self-executing, self-enforcing contracts and are governed by the explicit terms and conditions laid out within them.

These virtual agreements facilitate the exchange of money, content, shares, property, or anything of value.

The platform will include Smart Contracts and facilitate Micro-payments, our Loyalty Program, for Triple-entry Bookkeeping and Supply Chain Management

Leveraging the Blockchain

Core Features

We are combining and leveraging Blockchain technology to provide a platform that drives transactions between buyers and sellers expanding eco-systems and extending into adjacent blockonomies

Secured Transactions
Trade Traceability

Eliminating intermediaries to reduce transaction costs, increase speed of transfers and include entrepreneurs into the global online trade

Highly Scalable
Limitless Growth

Extends reach and reduce barriers to entry for emerging and developing participants into a fully inclusive digital and global economy;

Fully Inclusive
Sustainable Partnerships

Intelligently connects sellers and buyers to promote new and stronger relationships for ever-increasing transactions and economic growth

Optimisation and Efficiency

Ecosystem for Growth

The ecosystem combines a disparate but integrated components to create a system of trust for exports and imports.

Our platform makes you the sole owner of a secure decentralized registry of your ecosystem

Introducing our  Ethereum compatible, token-to-token exchange  that uses state-of-the-art security to drive investment and liquidity.

Provide your customers with a secure, private and multi-currency payment options to drive sales and growth

Smart contracts the prowess of blockchain offer traceability of your transactions  to offer customers peace of mind

Mobile Wholesale market

Introducing our Marketplace

Blockchain-powered marketplace which connects buyer and seller allowing new entrants into the digital economy.

We offer buyers, sellers, organizers and market makers an inclusive opportunity to be part of a thriving eco-system that is built on the blockchain with retaining and growing the value of its own currency for peer-to-peer exchange.

We will be the #1 marketplace for exports from Sub-Saharan Africa serving the needs of a growing middle class and realization of commercial goals and objectives within the EMAE and BRICS countries amongst others.


Token Sale

The tokens will be available for transfer through the engagement process on the platform.

5 JULY 2019

75 Days

Soft Cap 300 NLM Hard Cap 100m NLM
Q2 2021

180 Days

Soft Cap 200m NLM Hard Cap 400m NLM
Join Our
Ends 31 OCTOBER 2019
  • Token Symbol NLM
  • IEO Round #1 CLOSED
  • Round #1 Token Supply 100,000,000 NLM (10%)
  • Round #1 Token Price 1 NLM = $0.0224 (US Dollar)
  • Round #1 Bonus CLOSED
  • Excepted Currency ETH, BTC
  • Max Token Supply 1,000,000,000 NLM (100%)
  • Round #1 Sale Duration ENDED
  • Minimum Buy-in 1.68 USD = 300 NLM
  • Token Exchange Listing Q4 2019 Bitcratic.com

Token Allocation

Operating Allocation


Read Our Documents

Here is a set of documents that will  help you to understand our position on leveraging the blockchain and ensuring a secure and controlled environment for all to thrive in.

Privacy Policy
Terms of Sales

Road Map

We are super excited to reveal our roadmap for the next few years. As you’ll learn, we are coming off a base and have identified including the blockchain technology into our existing product as a natural progression of our aim to make money move faster in a fully inclusive digital economy.

2012 Q2
Online Billing & Collections Demo
  • CRM & Product Catalog
  • Mobi-site POC
2014 Q2
Billsource MVP
  • Refactored MVC Architecture
  • Eco-system POC
2016 Q1
Q2C Billsource v2.0
  • Platform Payment Gateways
  • Mobile App demonstration
2018 Q2
Blockchain Concept Design
  • White Paper completion
  • Billsource Nuclus fork
  • Nuclum Erc20 Token minted
2019 Q2
Order Workflow
  • Order Workflow enhancements
  • Complete testing of functionality
2019 Q3
NUCLUM Payment
  • Redeem Rewards against listed products
  • Open global sales on platform
  • Open Nuclus Exchange
2021 Q2
NUCLUM Smart Contract
  • Smart Contract Integration
  • Mobile App & Desktop Wallet
  • Open beta launched to public and app improvements
2021 Q3
  • Integrated Smart Contract Rewards System
  • On-platform Transaction growth
  • Cryptocurrency Exchange
2021 Q3
Commercialization Benefits
  • Establishing local user base
  • Wearable POC
2021 Q4
Supply Chain Network Design
  • Integrated Inclusive eco-system
  • Marketplace Community Cooperative module
2022 Q2
Scale and Grow Blockonomy
  • Logistics Network expansion
  • Digital Economy de-coupled Open Architecture
Meet The Team

Executive team

We are forming a strong team to build our brand and establish a leading edge business platform on the blockchain. Our goal is to develop a sustainable and thriving inclusive platform and extend the reach to participants not previously achieved – we are the next-generation digital economy.

Marius van der Leek
Founder and Owner

Digital strategy, complex system architectures, and commercializing business conducive platforms

Stephan Maree
UX CX Developer

Web architecture, front-end detailed design, development, implementation, UX CX realisation, platform maintenance and support


Jandré Venter
Brand Development

Digital communications strategy, concept design, digital media campaigns and social media management

Gustav Harmse
Security Specialist

Specialist knowledge of IT Security Law, Standards, Procedures and Acts to mitigate risks and manage vulnerabilities for large organisations

Kenneth Onah
Back-end Systems Development

Applying open source technology and developing commerce platforms for startups

Chris Ackermann
CFO and Business Development

Incubation guidance, strategy, financial structuring, governance and process improvements

Dr Anthon Botha
Futurist and Advisor

Future thinking, strategic research and business consulting on the impact of emerging, digital technologies

Riaan Mastenbroek
Technical Advisor

Popular entrepreneur, Blockchain believer and certified software developer running his own IoT business

Daryl Naidoo
Blockchain Advisor

Strategic Marketing, Crypto Consultant and Client Acquisition to reach out to early adopter investors

Rubab Arshad
Crypto Advisor

A Crypto Enthusiast, Leading Advisor for Listings and IEO agent for many Exchanges raising project profiles to secure successful token sales and funding

Dinah Mabuse
Social Responsibilty

Advocate, driven and passionate about opening and establishing inclusive access to services and education

Jimmie Mwangi
Digitalisation Advisor

Business Systems Analyst, Project Manager with cross-industry experience, and Mobile First Evangelist

IEO Listings

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Frequently asked questions

Below we’ve provided answers to frequently asked questions about our platform developments, team vision and about the tokens.

With our ICO we intended to list after successful completion of the token distribution. Now we are including the listing from the outset. We will announce our exchange with the launch of the sale.

NUCLUM is our platform utility token or short for Nuclus Money. We are also more lovingly referring to it as 'LUMs'.

We would like you to consider purchasing minimum 1 ETH. Depending on the price and bonus 1 NLM = $0.0224

For know you will only be able to subscribe to our email listing. You will receive additional tokens for early subscription and within the next few days we'll open to the public

We have created a wholesale marketplace where the token will be utilised. You will benefit in two ways - 1. You will be able to use the token to buy from the marketplace; 2. We will manage the value of the token as we grow the connections on the platform

Yes. Copy paste the following URL https://etherscan.io/token/0xa30c7cdac7d8505f32bb0930ed82b9ba5777b5f3

Yes. We are listed on Bitcratic.com.We continue to work with Digital Exchange administrators and owners to negotiate listings and also plan to activate our own exchange for token trades at nuclex.exchange

We are running two funding rounds. The first soft capped at 1500 ETH and hard capped at 2500 ETH. We will apply the funding to enhance and grow the user base on the existing platform. The second round is much larger and we want to be in a better position and more investor attractive

Once we have had a successful pre-IEO token sale, we plan to run our IEO 2019 Q4.

We will apply the funds in the following way: 45% to enhance the platform and bring into operations; 30% will be spent on creating awareness and signing up buyers and sellers; 15% will be allocated to make sure we abide by legal and regulatory frameworks; and 10% will go towards our new offices and making sure all tokens are transferred to investors and they are kept up to date

We plan to list on exchanges Q4 2019. Listings in various popular exchanges that cover Asia, the Middle East, across South, East and Sub-Sahara Africa regions. We have identified locations like Indonesia, Russia, India, Ukraine, Vietnam, Brazil, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Turkey, Philippines, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Egypt and more.

We are allocating tokens in the following way: 5% towards public rewards; 10% towards the pre-ICO sale; 15% to the team making it all happen and to stay part of the project; 40% will be sold as part of the main ICO; and 30% will be reserved mainly for use on the platform

We plan to open up to other tokens once we have established our eco-system and the de-coupled open architecture to attract more buyers and sellers from other eco-systems and performing currencies

Tokens are long in use and the behavior is already established throughout Africa. With peer-to-peer exchanges the unbanked and majority entrepreneurs otherwise excluded can now participate in our digital economy

We are creating an open platform for established business and vendors alike. Buyers can be individuals we want to on sell in their countries imported goods from Africa. Sellers will offer African made goods and want to take advantage of the lower transaction fees

General Terms