C++ \Blockchain Developer(s)

We are offering hardened C++ developers an opportunity to be part of a Blockchain startup. The Blockchain technology offers unique applications and solves old problems in new ways. Here is your chance to establish yourself and boost or grow your career. Our roadmap stretches over the next 4 years and your engagement with our small team will be seriously challenging but we believe it to be rewarding as you would have the freedom and autonomy to try new things and be at the very edge of innovation. Did I say it will test your character and your limits beyond what you are used to? This is the all go no quit big nuts  (AGNQBN) team.

By the way, this is not a job, it’s a calling and purpose – you are the master of your destination – sound scary, so read on…

Your responsibilities, if you accept, will include the following, but not be limited to:

  • \Interpret new and exciting specifications created by a self-absorbed, conceptual, paranoid and obsessive Architect, meaning you can receive a message for a new idea in the middle of the night
  • Design and implement Blockchain based systems, such as a mobile and desktop wallet and smart contracts
  • \Perform unit, integration and stress testing of various system components
  • \Support and maintenance of internal systems
  • \Setting up ultra secure local and hosted environments, identifying vulnerabilities and eliminating risks
  • \Pick up coffee from Wimpy or Mugg’nBean

The requirements are broad as we try to accommodate the best, the brightest, those of you also struggling to fit in, and those of you who are rule- and ground-breaking:

  • \University Degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering or 3-5 years experience, but most of all you have to have a solid track record in coding. If you have a MSc, and want a lab type environment to realize your blockchain thesis, your also welcome
  • \Strong C/C++ skills as you will apply it to Ethereum Open Source Software, guide team members and later to apply efficiencies to the source code so we can kick Telegram’s @$$
  • \Solid understanding of OO programming, network programming, multi-threading, \APIs and what you can bring
  • \Experience in additional programming languages e.g. Java, SQL is going to help a lot
  • \Experience in deployment on different platforms e.g. on-premise, cloud, web, and maybe blockchain
  • \Experience in IBM Bluemix Live or at least wanting to know more about the platform
  • \A self-motivated, self-starter and adaptable individual
  • \Can work independently as well as in a team environment
  • \Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, or at least responding to messages in the middle of the night
  • \Systems and modular thinker, futuristic but a foot (not both) in reality as we are in uncharted territory
  • \Consider to work in a structured yet agile manner so you don’t loose track of everything that is going on
  • \Attention to detail and to seriously considering /* documenting */ your work
  • \Knowledge and experience in eCommerce and Financial Industry is an advantage
  • \Interest in Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning, Cross-platform Application Integration and Connected Car, serious fans of Spacex and Tesla, Prometheus, Space Odyssey 2001, Minority Report, the Matrix and Expanse, Black Mirror and Altered Carbon to name but a few, will keep things interesting in the early and final hours just before making a deadline

We’ll need you part-time so you can’t leave your day-job yet, and we’ll negotiate a mix of fiat and cryptocurrency as reward for your efforts. Interested parties please apply with detailed resume to info@nuclus.co . All applications will be treated in strict confidence. Personal information collected will be used solely for the purpose of recruitment.