Investor Relations

We are delighted in your interest in Nuclus, our Next-generation Digital Economy Platform and ICO. Things are starting to get off the ground but we have a long way to go so we would like you to consider participating as an investor.

Progress June 2018

To date we have been fortunate to onboard creative and energetic individuals to establish a balanced and rounded team. We will keep on reaching out to seasoned enthusiasts as we have a formidable task to establish the platform and deploy infrastructure to reach deep into the heart of communities.

Our marketplace enhancements have been successfully deployed to our development environment and we will continue to test throughout June.

This month will be make or break for our social campaign and registering the business in one of the ICO-friendly countries.

For more, please download the Investor Overview June 2018

Progress July 2018

Our marketplace is a go!

We have been testing and realised that there was more to test than we had time for. We compiled a Customer Journey slide deck that will show we’re still on the enhanced Billsource code base and the extent to which the front-end web site marketplace and back-end Quote to Cash Sales and Order Management portal are coming along.

Out next step would now be to complete the cosmetic changes and link products and services available in the back-end to the website. At the moment products and services are loaded by each business user and is immediately available on the portal, however, we broke the system. It’s a simple database review and we’ve decided to take a step back and model the architecture so that the developers don’t get lost in the code.

Our estimation now is by end August 2018 we will have a rebranded site and revised architecture that links back-end product management with front-end browse and selection. Once re-establised we will reschedule our countdown to the pre-ICO.

We are in contact with a number of Asian ICO marketing and investor management platform service providers as we have gained quite an interest from Russia specifically.

This month we also had the BRICS Summit taking place here in Sandton, the financial and economic capital of South Africa. This signals a renewed interest and focus on establishing our Next Generation Digital Economy and Platform that will surely become the catalyst for both cross-border and international trade between these emerging economies – we are entering an exciting new chapter for the African continent and will play our part in creating a fully inclusive economy.

For a preview visit the marketplace and get a sense of what’s to come specifically the categories that are aligned to the BRICS initiative.

For more, please download the Investor Overview July 2018