Platform Features and Benefits

Digital Platform Features

Our current Quote-to-cash (Q2C) platform have been architected and designed for scale and growth. We are now enhancing these features to function on the blockchain to take advantage of the benefits that this new technology brings – eliminating intermediaries to reduce transaction costs, increase speed of transfers and include entrepreneurs into the global online trade.

Nuclus Platform Benefits

  • Extends reach and reduce barriers to entry for macro and micro, emerging and developing determinants into a fully inclusive digital and global economy;
  • Attractive tiered fees fairly distributed amongst the different participants favoring the micro or vendor level business but lower also on the macro levels;
  • Intelligently connects sellers and buyers to promote new and stronger relationships for ever-increasing transactions and economic growth;
  • Offers sellers or suppliers a business platform to expand their reach and grow their business eco-system with certainty and improved cash flow;
  • Offers buyers access to a range of goods and services ordering bulk or MOQ and conveniently fulfilled door-to-door at wholesale prices and low transaction fees;
  • Introducing Nuclus Money or NUCLUM (NLM) cryptocurrency or digital currency to broaden the trade possibilities with no residual effects or distortions with the transaction totally completed at the point of and time of exchange;
  • Buyers and Sellers will be rewarded for participating and accrue digital currency that can be redeemed against goods and services or exchanged for fiat currency;
  • A first of its kind Sub-Saharan African digital eCommerce platform to enhance international trade and realize commercial targets set by African development programs;
  • Focused on promoting tax and trade friendly goods and services as per trade agreements to strengthen and fulfill economic ties between the countries;
  • Investors can be assured of the utility of the digital currency within the business platform against all goods and services or exchanged for fiat currency;